A Jobless Recovery

Economic News TodayAUSTRALIA has missed its likelihood to keep away from a potential economic apocalypse”, in response to a former government guru who says that despite his warnings there are seven new signs we are too late to behave.

Right now, today, we are wasting time on what I call political frivolities and nonsense while the day-to-day lives of the Poor Africans are in shambles, our decrepit and dysfunctional lives of the poor are worsened by a Dumb intelligentsia, which is confident, falsely, so, in itself and about itself, and are seriously blind to the suffering and the methods and means as to tips on how to ameliorate and right these injustices in opposition to our poor African people. We can all wax political as much as we like, however we are irrelevant if that’s all what it is,and what we take from the FB post are just crass leisure vignettes of no explicit origin and designed to confused and misinform us as to our Reality and goal that we have to obtain to push our Struggle forward. We need to talk Sharp With One Another. Whether people like what I am saying here or not, I am non-plussed. The Truth Shall Set Us Free.

But also fascinating within the parliamentary saga is the uncommon, eyebrow-raising present of a united opposition, significantly the curious solidarity formed between two ideological foes, the EFF and the white-led Democratic Alliance (DA). In the parliamentary fights they’ve closed ranks and adopted frequent positions, with MPs from both camp supporting each other, at occasions to the hilt. Some DA parliamentarians even physically intervened to defend the EFF when riot police were known as in. It was some of the celebration’s MPs that needed to obtain hospital remedy. Indeed, as they are saying, politics makes unusual bedfellows.Economic News Today

Since we’re at it, to this point, it behooves me to remind all studying this that we are a people who find themselves coping and recovering from probably the most devastating form of slavery and oppression identified to man-so far. I wouldn’t have to digress in to that story and historical past, however lest it be forgotten, that there are other nations state that declare that they will not forget the heinous crimes dedicated on themMeanwhile, we, nonetheless immediately, are having to stay with the uncooked reminders of our decrepit existence, now exacerbated by quislings and cutthroat vulture capitalist, who have melanin-like the vast majority of us.

Colonialism pulls each string shamelessly, and is only too content to set at loggerheads these Africans who only yesterday had been leagued towards the settlers. The idea of a Saint Bartholomew takes shape in certain minds, and the advocates of colonialism snort to themselves derisively after they hear magnificent declarations about African unity. Inside a single nation, religion splits up the folks into completely different religious communities, all of them stored up and stiffened by colonialism and its devices. Totally unexpected occasions escape right here and there. In areas the place Catholicism or Protestantism predominates, we see the Moslem minorities flinging themselves with unaccustomed passion into their devotions. The Islamic feast days are revived, and the Moslem religion defends itself inch by inch against the violent absolutism of the Catholic religion. Ministers of state are heard to say for the good thing about certain people that if they don’t seem to be content they have solely to go to Cairo. Sometimes American Protestantism transplants its anti-Catholic prejudices into African soil, and retains up tribal rivalries through religion.