Why Buy Vehicle Insurance Online?

With the increasing number of car accidents on the Indian roads, it gets difficult to protect your car from the unnecessary mishaps. High repair costs, rising part replacement costs definitely pinch your pocket. To avoid all these, every car owner should have a motor vehicle insurance. In the competitive motor vehicle insurance industry, every insurance provider offers its quote online making the decision-making process for the insurer easier. There are several other benefits offered by the vehicle insurance online.

Quick search – Search the insurances of your choice online. It takes a few moments to search all your quotes and choose the one that matches your requirement.

Policy Comparison – You get to compare the policies online on Coverfox.com and compare the coverages offered by each insurance plan.

Convenience – As all the insurance plans are available online, you can buy the policy online. It also gives you an option to renew the policies on a yearly basis.

User reviews – People, who have already opted for the policy, will be able to share their experience with the policy. It is important to know their views. If you are opting for an insurance policy offline, you will not be able to know others experience.

Free from agents – insurer does not have to depend on the third party to buy an insurance plan for his/her vehicle. Also, you will be able to make an informed decision about your policy.

Special discounts on premium – If you are applying for the Vehicle insurance plan online, there are many providers offering a discount on the premium paid.

Opting for Vehicle insurance online will help you take a firm and unbiased decision.

What Is Vehicle Insurance?

Vehicle insurance is insurance for cars, motorcycles, and other road vehicles. The insurance is to provide financial protection against physical damages or bodily injuries caused by collisions, or any liability payment for the third-party. Vehicle insurance may offer additional benefits against the theft of the vehicle, keying, and natural disasters.

There are two types of vehicle insurance. One is comprehensive insurance, which covers all the damages related to your own vehicle and damages related to the third party.

Comprehensive Vehicle insurance – Comprehensive vehicle insurance covers damages related to the third party and the damages related to your car. The insurance also covers bodily injuries related to you and the third party.

Third party vehicle insurance – – The third party insurance plans cover Death, disability, injury of the third party vehicle owner and the Damage to the property of the third party. Although there is no limit on the liability covered for injury or death, Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India has mandated the insurance providers to have a coverage up to INR 7.5 lakhs.


Buying a Vehicle Insurance Online

Many people are reluctant to buy vehicle insurance online because of the authenticity and reliability reasons. However, there are many misconceptions associated with the belief. It is convenient to buy vehicle insurance online.  The process is very simple. There are many websites available for vehicle insurance comparison. You need to the website and select the type of insurance. Based on the requirements, you get the quotes from all the insurance providers. Compare the insurances and enroll in one meeting your requirements. Provide a few information and get your Vehicle insurance instantly.

  • To start the process, you have to enter the car’s registration
  • You can directly renew your policy or buy a new one without entering your car number
  • If you choose to take a new insurance policy, you need to choose the type of car and related information such as place of registration and you have to enter personal details so that the insurance provider will leave you a message.
  • If you want to renew your policy, you have to know, the expiry date of your policy and the provider of the policy. Once you enter the above details, you will need to follow the same procedure such as the type of car, place of registration, and other personal details.

Based on the above details the search engine will reflect all the suitable policies for your vehicle. Based on your requirements and budget, you can compare the insurance plans on Coverfox and choose one for your Vehicle.

Getting a Vehicle insurance online is the most convenient option now a day. Along with all the benefits you get for your car from the insurance plans, you get all the attractive discounts on the premiums you pay.